What you should know about the DPF filter ?

What is a DPF? What is the purpose of the DPF?

The situation with DPF is roughly as follows: all have heard that there is that often the real problems, few know what his purpose is and how it works and even fewer people know how to solve problems with him.

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DPF (diesel particulate filter) is a device that is used for eliminating soot particles that are produced due to incomplete combustion of diesel fuel in the engine. It is used on diesel engines since the 80s of the last century (mainly on working machines) to the tightening of standards on emission appeared on passenger cars after 2000. Pioneer installation DPF in Europe is PeugeotCitroen group which in 2002 installed this device on the 2.2 HDi engine designed for a variety of vehicles from their group. Diesel cars equipped with this filter, do not leave black smoke during sudden acceleration.

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Installation of DPF is not mandatory in Euro 3 and Euro 4 standards but were producers to be incorporated in some engines and some of the markets that had stricter standards. Basically, manufacturers were allowed to choose how they will meet the Euro 3 and Euro 4 standards, whether installing or without DPF. It was not until the introduction of more stringent Euro 5 standard, which came into force on 01.01.2011. , the DPF filter is mandatory on all vehicles equipped with a diesel engine.

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Daily use of DPF filters the soot deposited that time blocking filter, so the manufacturers anticipate a self-cleaning process called regeneration. The principle of regeneration is simple: DPF filter is heated to a temperature of 1200 to 1400 degrees Celsius when the soot burns. Regeneration is an automated process and it happens every 300 to 500 km and takes about 10 minutes. Regeneration is done in two ways: motor computer injects more fuel in the exhaust stroke, which raises the temperature in the exhaust system and the particles burn at a high temperature. For vehicles this way perform regeneration (VAG, Renault, FIAT …) going to increase the level of oil in the engine due to excess fuel, and must be regularly checked in order to avoid disastrous consequences. Another method used vehicles PSA group (HDI) engines, where during regeneration DPF adds an additive that enhances the combustion particles. This additive is in a separate tank, lasts about 25,000 km and should be updated regularly otherwise it will clog the filter.

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The problem occurs on cars that are usually run in the mode urban driving when the engine reaches operating temperature rarely or begin the process of regeneration frequently interrupted. Then the DPF filter becomes clogged and the problems begin to manifest themselves as restless engine, poor traction, inability to engine start Before these symptoms usually appear on the instrument panel warning that the filter is clogged. This warning should not be ignored, but should immediately react to any of the following ways.

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Solution: Remove, clean or replace the DPF filter?

1. The least painful solution is to maneuver a car on the open road and drive it for at least 10 minutes if the temperature at a constant rate of not less than 60 km / h. Practice has shown that it does not seem even greater speed and even several sudden acceleration that increase the load on the engine and therefore the temperature of the exhaust system. The good news is that this is the cheapest way to solve the problem with DPF and bad you’ll probably lose a driver’s license.

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2. The second solution is to go to authorized or some of the better equipped of independent services to the diagnostic device to initiate the regeneration process. Engine computer simulates driving conditions and performs regeneration. The entire process takes less than an hour. This operation will not solve the problem long term if you continue to drive in urban driving without occasional trips to the open road.

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3. The third solution is the physical removal of the DPF filter of an exhaust system of the car. This operation requires replacement of the original injection computer software, software that does not require information from the sensor DPF, to keep the engine to work properly. In this way, the problem is solved forever.

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4. Last (most expensive) solution is to purchase a new DPF whose prices range from € 1000 and higher.